A Deviljho lurking near a cliff.

Deviljho is a hostile Brute Wyvern that spawns in all biomes. It is an aggressive superpredator, and partially uses the Dragon element, otherwise relying on its sheer power to fight enemies.


Deviljho is a bipedal Brute Wyvern with powerful legs, a head with bone-crunching jaws, and a mostly spiky body. It is green in color, with red muscles near its mouth and red eyebrows.


Roar: Deviljho will stomp its right foot on the ground, raise its head up in the air, and emit a loud roar, immobilizing any nearby players.

Bite: Deviljho will step forward and snap at a player in front of it.

Side Bite: Deviljho will step forward and snap at a player to its right.

Dragon Breath: Deviljho will rear up, put its head down, and then emit a sweeping stream of draconic energy at any nearby players.

Block Throw: Deviljho will smash its face in the ground and scrape it against the ground, launching a block at a player.

Stomp: Deviljho will raise its right leg and smash it on the ground, possibly knocking any nearby players back.

Tail Smash: Deviljho will slightly curve its tail upwards and then quickly squat down, smashing its tail on the ground possibly knocking any nearby players back. (Currently not in-game)

Tail Whip: Deviljho will step forward and curve its tail in an attempt to hit any nearby players, possibly knocking them back.

Player Throw: Deviljho will lower its head before tossing it up, throwing any players into the air.


  • Deviljho has a sophisticated flinching and dying animation (also currently not in-game).
  • When Deviljho catches sight of a player a block within its range, it will run up to that player.
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